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the long bone is used in football to run

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Q: How is the long bone used within sport?
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When shooting in netball what bones are used?

the bones used in shooting in netball is the humerus (long bone), ulna (long bone), radius (long bone), wrist - carpals and metacarpals (short bones), femur (long bone), patella (flat bone), tibia (long bone) and the fibula (long bone)

What sport is a long jenny used?

A long jenny is a type of shot used in billiiards.

What does red bone marrow used for?

Red bone marrow is actually a soft fatty tissue found within the bone that makes erythrocytes (red blood cells). -Rae

What sport used term home run long before baseball?


What sport used term home run' long before baseball?


How much energy do you burn when playing sport?

The amount of energy that is used when playing sports depends on which sport and how long you are doing the activity.

What does a whale bone tool look like?

The appearance of a whale bone tool depends on the type of tool and the specific bone that was used. Some tools are scrapers, that have long, flat edges, while others are used as weapons and are typically long bones that are sharpened on one end.

What six broad classifications are used to divide the 206 bones of the body into categories?

Long Bone (Humerus), Flat Bone (Parietal Bone), Sutural Bones (Sutures), Irregular Bone (Vertebra), Short Bone (Carpal Bones), Sesamoid Bone (Patella)

What is a basketball used for?

Basketball was originally used as an indoor sport to keep children healthy and ready for spring sports. Now it is used as a year long sport and to keep people healthy, and for pure enjoyment.

Why can woman hoods be long to knees but not males?

Because men used to ride horses as a sport.

Which type of bone is used for protection?

The Flat Bone Is Used For Protection

What water is used for in sport?

*Clorox water is used for the sport of swimming

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