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The amount of energy that is used when playing sports depends on which sport and how long you are doing the activity.

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Q: How much energy do you burn when playing sport?
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Why was there a desire of the sport basketball that required so-much energy?

Basketball was developed out of a desire for a vigorous sport. why was there a desire for a sport that required so-much energy?

How much energy does the sun burn?


What helps to burn up energy?

if you have too much energy the best way to burn it up would be to excercise.

How many calories do you burn playing hockey?

depending on how much you weigh, how long your playing, and the intensity you're playing at, you will burn about 500 calories/hour

How much do women get paid for playing a sport?

That depends on the sport, how experienced the women are, and in what country.

What are calories measuring?

The amount of energy that you can get from that food. We get our energy from calories. And when we burn energy, we burn calories. So, we measure calories to see how much energy we will get from that particular food. This tells us how much of that food we should eat, compared to how much energy we expend.

How much space do you need for a gym?

It depends on what sport you are playing.

How much sleep do you need before playing sport?


Does sport waste too much of your time?

it only wastes your time if you dont enjoy the sport you are playing

Should a child or an adolescent get a throphy just for playing a sport?

That usually depends on how successful the child or adolescent is at playing that sport, and how much effort they put into it.

How much energy to burn a calorie?

A calorie is the amount of energy needed to heat 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. So you can't burn a calorie.

Why do dogs play so much?

They have energy to burn just like a child

How much do men get playing professtional sports?

it really depends on what sport and how good they are...

Why does Kieron Barwick even bother playing sport?

because he is extremely large! its pretty much pointless playing any sport he should stick to a tread- mill the silo!

What are kiojoules?

Kiojoules is a unit of energy, referring to the energy value of food and how much energy our bodies burn. Another word for kiojoules is calories.

How much energy does your television use?

It wastes about enough to burn a kettle for 20 minutes

How much energy is stored in one calorie?

it is a measurment of energy that is the amout to burn in one second or lift in one gram

How much fat do you burn playing football?

It depends on for how long you do it for, the amount of running you do and there are much ore other variables

How many kJ are in a MJ?

A kilojoule is a measurement of energy, typically the amount of energy in food and in how much energy our bodies burn. There are 100 KJ in a MJ.

Why does your face burn in hot weather?

The skin cells on your face absorb too much heat energy which makes it burn in hot weather.

Will you burn fat on a empty stomach if you exercise?

if you have an empty stomach your body goes into 'starvation mode' and you wont have the energy to burn fat. even if you do your body wont burn as much fat as it is trying to conserve energy. In order to lose weight you have to eat.

How much energy would it take to burn 10 calories?

The thing is that calories ARE energy, so that's like asking how much ice it takes to freeze ice.

How much is sport costs per month?

depends what sport. if u are playing house league hockey its about 500$. and for football and baseball around 675$

How much energy do you use when you're playing basketball?

heaps ay

What is importance of methane?

Methane is an efficient energy source. To access the energy from methane, people burn it. It is a preferred energy source, because when it is burned, it does not create much CO2 .