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The Houston Rockets made it to the second round of the 2009 playoffs and were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers. Tracy Mcgrady did not play in the series and was out for the year with injury, but was still apart of the roster.

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Q: How far has Tracy McGrady made it in the NBA playoffs?
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Who is Tracy mcgrady?

Tracy McGrady is a NBA player for the Houston Rockets. You can get more information about Tracy McGrady here:

Did Tracy mcgrady retire NBA basketball?

No Tracy McGrady currently plays for the New York Knicks

Tracy mcgrady champions chip?

Tracy McGrady or T-Mac as he is known has not won a championship in the NBA.

What year did Tracy mcgrady go to college?

Tracy McGrady never went to college he went from high school to the NBA

First NBA free agent?

tracy mcgrady

Who was the 2009 highest paid nba player?

Tracy Mcgrady

Which athlete is paid more Lebron James or Tracy McGrady?

Right Now it's Tracy McGrady the highest paid player in the NBA

What did Tracy mcgrady study in college?

Tracy McGrady entered the NBA after graduating from Mount Zion Christian Academy High School. So Tracy did not go to college.

Where is Tracy mcgrady playing in 2012 and 2013 nba season?

With the lakers

At what age did Tracy mcgrady go to the NBA?

he was 18 years old

How old was Tracy mcgrady when he joined a NBA basetball?

About 17 or 18

Is Tracy mcgrady on nba 2k11?

Yes he is, i think he is on the Detroit Pistons.