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Tracy McGrady never went to college he went from high school to the NBA

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Q: What year did Tracy mcgrady go to college?
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What did Tracy mcgrady study in college?

Tracy McGrady entered the NBA after graduating from Mount Zion Christian Academy High School. So Tracy did not go to college.

What nicknames does Tracy McGrady go by?

Tracy McGrady goes by T-Mac.

At what age did Tracy mcgrady go to the NBA?

he was 18 years old

What university did Kobe Bryant go to?

He skipped college to go straight to the NBA just like Kevin Garnnett, Tracy McGrady, LeBron James, and number of players.He graduated from high school then went pro.He didn't go to collage.

What high school did Tracy McGrady graduate from?

Tracy McGrady went to Mount Zion Christian Academy Highschool in North Carolina. High School: Mt. Zion Christian Academy, NC (1997) Read More at:

Tracy mcgrady's career points?

17,289 as of his season ending microfracture surgery in Feb. 2009 Hes go that in 784 career games and has a 22.1 career avarage. He know for his play-off stats of 28.5 PPG 6.2 APG and 6.9 RPG throught his career

What year did eminem attend college?

He didn't go to college

What nicknames does Kayla Tracy go by?

Kayla Tracy goes by Kaykay, and Tracy.

What year did C.S. Lewis go to college?

He went to college in 1916

How long do firefighters go to college for?

2 year community college

What nicknames did George Tracy go by?

George Tracy went by Crazy George Tracy.

What college did Tracy McGgrady go to?

None. He was drafted in 1997 by the Toronto Raptors straight out of Mt. Zion Christian Academy, which is a secondary school.