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Managers for the All Star game are the managers of the two teams that played in the World Series the season before. For the 2008 all star game, Terry Francona of the Red Sox will be the AL manager and Clint Hurdle of the Colorado Rockies will be the NL manager.

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The (2) managers from the previous World Series, last year the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies played in the World Series so Terry Francona - (Boston) and Clint Hurdle - (Colorado) managed the 2008 All Star Game.

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this answer is based on cricket.

batting order:

first you choose the openers. the way to choose the openers are by choosing 2 explosive batsman.

then the person at 1 down.

you choose the 1 down batsman like this. a batsman who can settle in and be explosive at the correct times.

now 2 down. a person just like 1 down

3 down is a person just like 1 down and 2 down but is more explosive.

4 down is an allrounder who is a person who can be gentle but extremely explosive.

5 down and 6 down.( 1 allrounder 1 batsman)

extremely explosive players.

7 down a main bowler who can play the big shots

8 down and 9 down

main bowlers.

how to chose bowlers

2 seamers and 2 spiners plus the all rounders

now the team

seamers: lasith malinga, nuwan kulasekara and dale steyn. spiners :sunil narine and ajantha mendis

all rounders: thisara perera, yuvraj singh and anjelo mathews.

batsman: chris gayle, tillakaratne dilshan, kumar sangakkara, mahela jayawardena, ms dhoni and virat kholi.

starting line up/ batting order (batting team)

1.chris gayle 2.tillikaratne dilshan 3. kumar sangakkara 4. virat kholi 5. mahela jayawardena 6.yuvraj singh/ angelo mathews 7. ms dhoni 8. thisara perera 9. nuwan kulasekara 10. dale steyn 11. sunil narine

starting line up/ batting order (Bowling team)

1.chris gayle 2. tillikaratne dilshan 3. kumar sangakkara 4. virat kholi 5. mahela jayawardena 6. ms dhoni. 7.nuwan kulasekara 8. lasith malinga 9.dale steyn

10.ajantha mendis 11. sunil narine.



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All star players for Major League Baseball are chosen by ballot. The player with the most votes per position makes the first team.

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Q: How does a manager for an all-star baseball game get chosen?
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The members of a baseball team who are chosen by the manager to start the game are in the?

It's either point, line, or plane. LOL if you have Mrs. Harris!

Who is the oldest person to compete in the all-star games for baseball?

satchel paige is the oldest baseball person to play in an allstar game

What to days are pro sports not played?

Before and after the allstar game in July.

Who is the 2010 manager for the American league all-star baseball game?

Joe girardi of the Yankees.

Can kyrie irving dunk a basketball?

Yes. He did dunk a basketball during the 2013 NBA Allstar Game in Houston.

How many challenges in an Major League Baseball game?

Each team manager gets 1 challenge per game. In an all-stars game each manager gets 2 challenges.

What baseball manager got kicked out of the most baseball games?

Watching a Major League Baseball manager argue balls and strikes is one of the most entertaining parts of the game. Sometimes the argument gets out of hand the manager gets ejected. The first one to get ejected from a World Series game was Hughie Jennings of the Detroit Tigers.

What is the difference between a team president and a General Manager in baseball?

A team president concerns himself or herself with all aspects of the baseball team, including the office personnel. A General Manager tends to deal only with the actual game side of the team, meaning hiring and firing managers, and drafting players and signing free agents.

Is baseball still in the Olympics?

Yes they do but it will likely be replaced for the 2012 Olympics in London.

How do you decide which pitcher in World Series?

Two teams are in the World Series, and you have to be on their rosters to play. They are not "chosen". At the shortest, the World Series will be four games, which will be long enough to use up the entire staring pitcher line-up, so everyone gets a turn. Did you mean the All-Star Game? Pitchers do get chosen for the All-Star Game and are not voted. The manager who wins Manager of the Year Award gets to manage their All-Star team and select the pitchers for that year's game.

In baseball what happens to the game if the manager is right with the protest?

Umpires go inside to review tape and then they make the ruling. Players could also be sent out of rhe game.

Which baseball manager holds the record for career ejections?

According to Baseball Almanac, the first manager to be ejected from a World Series game was Detroit Tigers manager Hughie Jennings in the second game of the 1907 World Series between the Tigers and Cubs for arguing a caught stealing call.