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There are several Methods to tying a band to a slingshot. 1. You can plainly wrap your bands to the sling shot making sure they are even lengths. 2. you can wrap the bands to the stick with some string. About the 30 times around will do it 3. You can do what i did and drill a hole in the stick and feed the tubing through it and tie a knot at the end of the band so it does not come out. You may have to double knot the band

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Q: How do you tie a band on a slingshot?
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How do you make a rubber band slingshot?

A rubber band slingshot can be made with a rubber band and a stick. The stick needs to be in the shape of a Y. Put the rubber band around the two small pieces of the stick and you will have a slingshot.

How do you build a slingshot?

Its called a rubber band

Where can you find strong rubber band for slingshot?

from the store Michaels

How do you use a slingshot?

For a slingshot you usually hold the rock or whatever you are launching in the rubber band and then pull back, then you release and it goes flying

What is the energy conversion of a slingshot?

A slingshot converts mechanical energy from the person pulling the band into kinetic energy when the projectile is released. The potential energy stored in the elastic band is transformed into kinetic energy as the band snaps forward, propelling the projectile forward.

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How do you make a slingshot out of pipe cleaners and tape and a tray and a rubber band?

First, bend a pipe cleaner into a Y-shape for the slingshot frame. Tape a rubber band to the top of the Y-shaped pipe cleaner as the sling. Attach the slingshot frame to a tray by taping it securely. Pull back the rubber band, place a small object in the sling, aim, and release to launch.

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