Best Answer It appears you need special spring ring pliers. The spring ring pliers I have are not long enough. I'm currently dealing with the same problem. From looking at the parts breakdown, it's apparent the spring ring is what's holding the plunging joint on.

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Q: How do you remove the rear plunging joint on a polaris 400 ATV?
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How do you remove rear axle on polaris hawkeye?

The best way to remove the rear axle on a Polaris Hawkeye is to spray it with PB blaster. After waiting several hours or a day, simply pull the axle outward.Ê

Why is there a Clicking sound coming from the rear on my 2004 600 polaris sportsman?

Rear bearing is bad or cv joint is bad.check boots for rips.Check rear wheel bearing first that the cheapest fix

How do you remove the rear axle on a 2000 Polaris Trail Boss?

buy the clymer manual first. there are clips on the inside of the cups remove them press the Ujoint out of the yoke. someone told me you need to install the rear drive shafts with the yokes/u joints the same on both sides lined up. Mine were from the factory. thanks

How do you replace a rear you joint in a 1999 Chevy Astro van?

Unbolt/remove driveshaft. Use U-joint press to remove old U-joint, install new and replace driveshaft.

How do you repair a Rear seal on a 85 c10?

Remove the you joint and driveshaft. Remove the rear end seal plate. Remove the seal and bearing. Reverse the process to install the new seal.

How do you replace the rearend gears on a Polaris 325 4x4 the rear drive shaft turns but wont engauge?

To replace the rearend gear on the Polaris 325 You have to jack it up and remove the eight bolts that holds the rear end cover on. After you remove it you simply have to pull the old gear out and install the new one.

How do you remove driveshaft from e150?

Simply unbolt the rear u-joint, the center bearing (if any) and pull it out.

How do you remove inter CV joint rear differential?

ive got a 1997 plymouth mini van and cant get the cv joint out of the trans any help ?

How do you remove the rear sight on a Winchester 290?

Use a punch and tap it across the barrel. Its a dove tail joint.

How to replace a belt on a 2003 polaris 500 scrambler?

Remove belt cover from left side of engine . If you remove the screws that hook rear fender to foot rest the cover comes off easier . Then take out bolt in center of rear clutch assy . Slide rear clutch off and remove old belt .Install new belt in reverse mannor .

How do you replace the rear upper ball joint on a 2002 sebring?

You have to remove the rear tire and you will see the Rear ball joint pressure fit into a round bar the easiest way to get this out is to heat it with a blow torch and pound it with a hammer and chizzle. This should eventually pop it out and then the new one is much easier to replace.

How do you remove the inner U joint yoke from the rear differiential on a 93 Suzuki 300 King Quad?

use a slide hammer