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Hang time is generally a statistic used with punters and is the number of seconds elasped from the time the ball is punted (leaves the punter's foot) until the time the ball is caught by the punt returner. The longer the hang time is the better chance the punting team has to run down field and cover the punt successfully. A hang time under 4 seconds is considered poor, 4 to 4.25 seconds average, and over 4.25 seconds as good.

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  • The physics of punting is similar in respect to throwing the football, however, is calculated in a much easier manner. ...
  • Hang time is calculate with given equation: T = v0*sin(θ)/4.9.
  • V0=initial velocity, θ = angle of kick from horizontal.
  • The range of the kick can be calculated by: R= (v02*sin(2θ))/9.8.
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Q: How do you measure hang time in American football?
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