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Slugging Percentage is a mathematical equation. A HR is four points, triple 3 points, a double is two, and a single is one. take the number of points added up, then divide by the number of at bats. For example, a batter goes 1 for 4 and hits a home run, which is four points. Four points divided into 4 at bats equals 1.000 slugging percentage.

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A player's slugging percentage is defined as the number of bases he reaches per hit he gets. It measures the hitters power and ability to drive the Baseball.

The equation used looks like this:

SLG%=Total bases/At bats

For example if during a game, a hitter gets a home run(4 bases), and two doubles(2 bases each) in four at bats, his slugging percentage would be:



If he gets 2 singles in 3 at bats, his SLG% is:

SLG=2 /3


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You take the total number of bases reached by getting a hit and divide by the number of at bats. Single is 1 base double is 2 bases triple 3 bases and home run 4 bases. Walks are not counted. Short example would be if you hit 10 doubles (20 bases) and you had 25 official at bats then your slugging % is .800 %.

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In baseball, slugging percentage is determined by dividing total bases by official at bats.

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It's number of total bases divided by at bats

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Q: How do you figure slugging percentage in baseball?
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Hoiw do you figure baseball ops?

you add together on-base percentage and slugging percentage

What is baseball's ops?

On base percentage Plus Slugging percentage.

What does O P S mean in baseball?

On Base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage

What does OPS stand for in baseball stats?

On-Base Plus Slugging. So it is a combination of a players On-Base Percentage (OBP) and their Slugging Percentage (SLG). For example, if a player has a .448 OBP and a .613 SLG they would have an OPS of 1.061.

What does OBPS mean in baseball stats?

OBP stands for On Base Percentage

What is the average on-base percentage and slugging percentage in baseball?

In MLB in the 2009 season, in the National League the average on base percentage was .331 and the average slugging percentage was .409. In the American League, the average on base percentage was .336 and the average slugging percentage was .428.

How do you calculate On Base Plus Slugging percentage?

On base percentage plus slugging percentage

How is OPS calculated?

OPS stands for 'on base percentage plus slugging percentage' and is equal to (on base percentage + slugging percentage). If a player's on base percentage is .350 and slugging percentage is .500, the OPS is .850.

What is a banjo hitter?

A banjo hitter is a batter in baseball who lacks power, and who usually has a low slugging percentage.

What baseball bat is said to be the best thing since Yin met Yang?

It is OPS which is on base plus slugging percentage.

What things happened in baseball in 1920?

Babe ruth set record of slugging percentage with 54 home runs that year.

What is ops on baseball stat sheet?

On-Base plus Slugging percentage. On-Base percentage is the hits+walks/plate appearances (note that reaching on an error does not count towards OBP) Slugging percentage is total bases on hits / at-bats (which means walks and sacrifices don't count towards slugging) OPS is simply adding those two numbers together.