How do you clean a felt pennant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To clean a felt pennant, you can first use a stain remover to erase stubborn stains. Then fill a tub with laundry soap and water and dip the pennant into it. Dip it then into clear water to rinse it and dry it flat.

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Q: How do you clean a felt pennant?
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A pennant is a triangular sign, usually made out of a felt (or felt-like) material and printed on both sides. It usually has a wooden or plastic rod used as a handle in the widest end of the triangle. See the related link below for a picture of a pennant.

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Full Sized PennantMost pre 1970 full sized felt pennants as well as modern day pennants measure about 12" x 30" Early pennants might vary in size because spare felt was used to make them. Sometimes people will trim down a the size of a pennant to rid it of frying or other flaws like a flat tip (point) Caused by being pinned up and ripped off. This is called a doctored pennant. Doctored pennants is a term used to describe a pennant that has been altered to cover up a flaw, is a practice that is frowned upon among the collecting community, and could sell for less than a pennant with the flaws it was meant to cover up.

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