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Jockstraps serve two purposes. Some are made to hold a cup in place over your genitals, which protects you from getting hit there. Others are just made to support you while you run or work out, sort of like briefs but tighter and without the back.

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Q: How do jockstraps work?
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How do you place your penis in a jockstrap?

I place mine so it is facing down. Jockstraps are supposed to be tight so I don't know if it would be comfortable to have it face up.

Why do jockstrap not cover the butt?

Jockstraps are designed to hold up and secure the penis and especially the testicles. Jockstraps have nothing to do with the butt. However, some kinds of underwear now have jockstrap-like functions in front but coverage in back. If there was fabric in the back, it would bunch up and make you sweat. The leg straps keep the front pouch as tight as possible, tighter than briefs would be, giving you better support for working out.

What age is appropriate for a young boy to start wearing a jockstrap?

Boys should wear jockstraps and cups if they are playing in a contact sport. This will help prevent injury (doesn't completely stop injury just helps in preventing small mishaps). If they are not playing a sport and just want to wear a jock as underwear. I would wait until they start buying their own or begin deciding what they are going to wear and not wear what mommy tells them to. Jockstraps can be worn for underwear especially when it is hot in the summer or year around if you live in the South. Cotton or soft lycra works good for underwear

What is the difference between a jock strap and a cup?

The cup is hard plastic and protects your equipment from a direct hit. Some jockstraps have a pouch to hold the cup in place. Others don't hold the cup, they are just really tight to keep you from bouncing around when you run or workout. A cup is the hard plastic shell you wear over your genitals to protect them from impacts. A jockstrap is a type of underwear for sports. Some jockstraps are made with a pouch to hold the cup in place. Others are just elastic and made support your genitals so they don't bounce, kind of like a sports bra for a guy's parts.

How comfortable are jockstraps?

Jockstraps are comfordable, but it depends on what type you get and for what reason I suppose. There are many types but it is not a really yes or no answer, like I said it depends on the brand and type. For me they are comfortable and well they turn me on while putting them on. Give it a shot! You have nothin to lose but maybe a lot to gain.... A: I think they are very comfortable. Normally I either wear boxers or go commando, but I bounce around too much in any kind of sports - even just running. So I need support then. It's kind of weird the first time you wear a jock. It just feels weird on you, but once you get used to it, it feels great. Everything is secure and it doesn't interfere with your range of movement.

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