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Jockstraps can be bought at sports stores specializing in athletic equipment. Stores such as Sport Chek, Sports Traders and SportMart carry them in all sizes.

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Q: Where can some jockstraps be bought?
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Why do boys use jockstraps?

Boys wear jockstraps for a few reasons. Some wear them to hold a protective cup. Others wear jockstraps for support, to keep their penis and testicles in place while they run or workout.

Do guy's in high school wear jockstraps for phys ed?

i dont but some have to

Are schools requiring jockstraps?

Some middle schools and high schools do require boys to wear jockstraps for Phys Ed. Others encourage or recommend it. It'd be a good idea, regardless.

Can jockstraps be used as normal underware?

yes,jockstraps provide the necessary protection and support that a underware supposed to provide

Are jockstraps comfertable?

heck yeah

Do runners wear jockstraps?

most do

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

Do straight men wear jockstraps as their regular underwear?

Some may do but most wear underpants, briefs or boxers.

Do boys wear jockstraps?

Yes, many boys wear jockstraps, whether it's for sports, running, working out, gym class, or just because.

Should all boys wear jockstraps?

Boys really should wear jockstraps for sports that require a cup, and for running and working out to support the genitals.

How do jockstraps work?

Jockstraps serve two purposes. Some are made to hold a cup in place over your genitals, which protects you from getting hit there. Others are just made to support you while you run or work out, sort of like briefs but tighter and without the back.

Do rugby player wear jockstraps?

Some do but the number is few as the marjority prefer to wear swimming trunks as this adds some greater skin protection from studs

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