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Most if not all players have gotten to first base without hitting the ball. Most if not all receive a 'walk' (pitcher throws four pitches that are called balls by the umpire) and some have been hit by the ball thrown by the pitcher. In either case, the batter gets to take first base without ever hitting the ball.

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Hit by pitch, base on balls, catcher's interference, passed ball or wild pitch on the third strike

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base on balls, or hit by pitch.

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Q: How can a player get to 1st base without hitting a ball?
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Can a player block the base without possession of the ball?


Can a player stradle a base without the ball?


How do you score without hitting the ball in baseball?

Getting walked would be one way. 4 bad pitched balls, take your base.

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

What is a hit in baseball?

When a player hits the ball to get on base without an error in the field.

What is the advantage of hitting a ground ball instead of a fly ball?

A fly ball that is caught is an out. For a ground ball, the fielder must field the ball and then make a throw to a base or tag a runner who is off his base to try and get the out.

If a player is walked is the ball considered a dead ball?

If a batted ball hits a base runner in fair territory before the ball has been touched by a defensive player or an umpire, the ball is dead, the runner is called out for interference, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance one base if forced. If, however, the ball has been touched by a defensive player or an umpire before hitting the base runner, the ball is live and play proceeds as usual (unless the runner is judged by the umpire to have deliberately made contact with the ball, then the runner can be called out for interference, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance one base if forced, or, if flagrant, the batter can also be called out and no runners advance).

What are all the rules of softball?

To have the most number of runs after the end of the 7 innings. Runs maybe scored by putting the ball in play (hitting a pitched ball in the infield) and running to each base without being put out.

Can hitting the ball harder in baseball get you on base?

The secret to getting on base is to hit the ball where no fielder can easily get to it. How hard you hit the ball is no guarantee of a base hit. Think about the Bunt, or the 'Blooper' hit just over the head of the 2nd baseman.

Is the batter out if he touches someone before he reaches first base after hitting the ball or being forced to first on a walk?

After a walk, no. After hitting the ball, no, unless when he "touches" someone he is interfering with a play on a batted ball, in which case he could be called out for interference.

Why doesn't a baseball player take first base if he gets hit with the ball?

This rule only applies to the player currently at bat but unless the ball bounced off of something else before hitting the batter, he should take first base if he is hit by the ball. Remember though that the ball can't foul off of the catcher's glove (or anything else for that matter) and then hit the batter. He has to be hit directly by the pitch.

When did base ball start?

1921 when i man started hitting a rock with a hard stick