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What sport was introduced at the Sydney games 2000 and Athens 2004?

What sports are being introduced in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?

What sports were introduced at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics?

What sports are being introduced at the 2014 Olympic Games??

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Q: How are Olympic sports introduced?
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What was one of the first team sports to be introduced athe 1900 Olympic games?

water polo

When were synthetic sports tracks first introduced?

They were first used at the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968.

Name of Olympic sports from a to z?

A. Athletics, Australian Football, Archery, Aquatics, B. Bat Tennis, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, C. Cricket, Cycling, Canoe, Curling, Climbing, Cheerleading, Cross Country, D. Diving, Dancing, E. Equestrian, F. Footy, Football, Fencing, Floor Hockey, G. Gymnastics, Golf, Grass Hockey, H. Horse Racing, Hockey, High Jump, Handball, I. International Rules, Irish Football, Ice Hockey,Ice Skating, J. Judo, K. Karate, Kayak, L. Lawn Bowls, Long Jump, Luge, Lacrosse, M. Motor Bike Racing, Mountain Bike Racing, Modern Pentathlon, N. Netball, Newcombe, National Basketball, National Rugby, O. Orientating, P. Parrot Shooting, Pole Vault, Para-Olympics, Ping Pong, Powerboating, Parachutting, Polo Q. Quiots, R. Rugby, Running, Rowing, Roller-skating, S. Skating, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Sailing, Shooting, Skiing, Surfing, Softball, Sumo, T. Tennis, Triple Jump, Table Tennis, Taekwondow, Triathlon, Tug of War, Tenpin, U. Underwater Polo, V. Volleyball, W. Winter Sports, Wrestling, Water-polo, Weightlifting, Water Ski, Wushu, X. Xtreme Sports, Y. Yoga, Yuio-Fighting, Z. Zebra Racing, (Please add to the list if you can think of others. If you disagree on the events as non-sports then you may delete it if wanted. Thank you.

What are some trial Olympic sports?

The Olympic demonstration sports can be found by using the link to the Wikipedia article on Olympic Sports.

What year was soccer introduced in the Olympic Games?

Soccer was introduced in the Olympic Games in 1990.

Olympic sports with most medal opportunities?

What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities? What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities?

How do you swim for olympic sports?

How do u swim for olympic sports? I dont know