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I think it was Wilt Chamberlain, but I'm not sure. It was Moses Mallone who got the first 1 Million dollar contract for a year. I believe Pistol Pete got a Million Dollar contract over multiple years.

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Nolan Ryan in the 70s got 1 million. In now days would get about 50 M like A-rod back in his old days.

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Q: First million dollar contract in sports?
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Who was the first person in sports to make a million dollar salary in US sports?

Well the first in baseball (and i think athlete) to have a one million dollar contract was nolan ryan.

Who received the first million dollar contract in the NFL?

John Elway

Who was the first nfl player to sign a 100 million dollar contract?

Brett Favre

Who was the first sports player to receive a million dollar salary?

Nolan Ryan was the first that I know of.

Who was the first 1 million dollar contract given to in Hollywood?

Charlie Chaplin in 1918 :D

The first basketball player to receive a one hundred million dollar contract?

Shaquille o neale

If Dave Parker was the first million dollar MLB player and then you turn around and say it was Nolan Ryan--What gives?

Dave Parker signed a million dollar contract on Jan. 1, 1979. Nolan Ryan signed his on a day in Nov. 1979, therefor Dave Parker was the first Million dollar a year ballplayer.

Who had the first million dollar contract in football?

NFL Hall of Famer John Elway holds many records in the league. One which he may not even realize he has is the fact that he was the first million dollar quarterback.

Did pistol Pete Maravich ever sign a million dollar contract?

No, Pete Maravich never signed a million dollar contract during his playing career. He played in the NBA from 1970 to 1980, a time when player salaries were much lower compared to today's NBA. At the peak of his career, Maravich was earning around $300,000 per season.

Who had the first million dollar contract in baseball?

Catfish Hunter had the first multi-million dollar major league contract. Peter Seitz, baseball's arbitrator, found that Hunter's contract was breached and declared Hunter a free agent. As one of the top pitchers of the game, he was free to sign with any team he wished. Over 20 teams sought his services and ultimately Hunter signed baseballs' first multi-million dollar contract. His five-year $3.25 million deal with the New York Yankees included a $1 million signing bonus, life insurance and deferred compensation and a $150,000 annual salary. Source: Mark's Sportslaw

When year did Nike become famous?

In the mid 80's... M.J. "AIR" took them to the next level and was the first multi million dollar contract.

Was Derek Sanderson ever the highest paid pro athlete?

Derek Sanderson was the first player EVER to sign a million dollar contract, however he didn't have the highest annual salary. The total worth of the contract was the most. For Example, A-Rod signed a 300 million dollar deal in baseball. If say Manny Ramirez signed a 2 year 65 million dollar deal, Manny would average more per season, while A-Rods total contract was more.