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Shaquille o neale

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Q: The first basketball player to receive a one hundred million dollar contract?
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Who was the first NFL player to receive a million dollar contract?

wade wilson

How much is Lebron James contract?

LeBron James will earn 15.7 million dollars for next season from the total contract amount. If he extends his career into the 2010 and 2011 season, he will then receive 17.1 million dollars. James also has a contract with Nike for 90 million dollars.

Who has the biggest NBA contract?

Micheal Jordan has the biggest at 70.million Didn't LeBron James just receive 120 million from the Miami heat

What does the winner of American Idol receive?

They get a $1 million recording contract, a Ford Car, and the title of American Idol.

Who was the first female to earn 1 million dollars in modeling?

Margaux Hemingway was the first fashion model to receive a $1 million contract back in 1975 as a spokesmodel for Faberge.

In order for strawman to receive 100000000 dollars he must have been incarcerated and fill the proper forms to receive the 100000000 dollars where do i start so i can receive the 1 hundred million?

The Strawman is a fictitious person, in order to file for 1 hundred million dollars, under your name, birth certificate and social security card request information through the UCC in you area.

First rap artist to receive million dollar contract?

5o cent aka curtist Jackson is incorrect. It's Eric B. & Rakim.

How much money did Matthew Stafford sign for in the nfl?

Stafford signed a six year contract with the Detroit Lions prior to the 2009 season. $41.7 million is guaranteed and should he meet all of the incentives in the contract, he will receive a total of $78 million over the six seasons.

What is Tim Lincecum's yearly salary?

In October 2013, Lincecum agreed to a two-year deal with the San Francisco Giants worth $35 million. He will receive $17 million in 2014 and $18 million in 2015. The contract has a no-trade clause.

Is it possible to receive a free mobile when your contract is finished?

When you have a contract with a phone company you receive the perks and deals that come with it. Such as free mobile, long distance and so on. It only stands to reason that when your contract is expired or canceled that you no longer receive these benefits.

What benefit should you receive after 3 years for unlimited contract?

It depends what it says in your contract.

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