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No,the metal bat hits the ball harder that is why in the mlb they arent allowed to use them they use wood

-------Im pretty sure its composite.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-17 14:34:06
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Q: Does a composite bat hit further than a metal bat?
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What bat hit the ball further?

A metal bat hits the ball further than a wooden bat because metal is harder than wood.

Does a baseball get hit farther by a composite bat or a metal bat?

Metal bats hit the ball further which is why at unprofessional levels of baseball they use metal but when you get to the MLB you have to use wood.

Why does a metal bat hit further than a wood bat?

It is because the metal bat is lighter then the wooden bat.And because of that, you can swing faster.

Will a ball go further if hit by a wooden bat or a metal bat?

The Ball will go further with the metal bat.

What bat hits further aluminium or composite?

An aluminum bat will generally hit further because of the more "pop" it contains. This is the main reason for the new safety regualations for bats coming in 2011 *****A composite bat will hit the ball further and faster, that's why there getting rid of composite for 2011. The BBCOR bats will make the ball come off the bat slower than composite. -Call Me Drew

How far will a metal baseball bat make a ball go?

It goes further than a wooden bat.

Will a metal bat hit farther than a wooden?

Depends on the speed of the pitch and the hitter. In fastpitch softball metal would hit farther, especially with a composite bat.

Does a metal or wooden bat hit a baseball further?

Metal. But the more significant difference is exit speed. The ball comes off a metal bat traveling significantly faster than off a wooden bat.

Does a composite bat hit a softball farther than an aluminum bat?

a composite bat hits farther because the in side is not hollow

Does an aluminum bat or an metal bat hit a baseball further?

of course an aluminum bat would!!

Why is a composite bat better than a wood bat?

Cause they just are

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a metal bat?

the metal bat

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