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Yes. They can be used in training for lots of sports, to develop fitness and strengthen parts of the body. You could also compete against others to see who can do the most in a period of time or without stopping.

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Absolutely. In any ball sport, you're going use them periodically. Even golfers use their abdominals when they pick up a ball.

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Q: Do you use your abdominals in any sports?
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What bicycle muscles do you use?

Quadriceps, Abdominals, and I forgot the other two.

What body parts do you use in aerobics?

Legs, abdominals, arms, feet, and back.

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Where are your abdonimals?

The abdominals are a group of muscles in the front of the body covering the stomach region. The abdominals are used to support the back.

What do abdominals do?

The abdominals help to protect the organs in the abdominal cavity. This includes the stomach, spleen, intestines, liver, and gallbladder.

What muscle are used to kick a ball?

You use the front of the hip (hip flexors) Abdominals and quads (top of the thigh)

How can Testosterone and anabolic steroid improve for sports?

It is illegal to use testosterone in any sports , as it falls under doping.

Are there any sports that you don't use endurance to do?

Ping pong and curling.

Do any sports besides ice hockey use periods?


What is the difference between rectus abdominals and transversus abdominals?

The rectus abdominals is the muscle that is in the front of the torso. It is separated by tendons, one down the middle and two or three(depending on genetics) across. This is what gives it the six pack look. The transverse abdominals lies deep in the torso, it acts like a belt stabilizing the spine when we move.

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