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it depends on which college and which sport

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over 9000

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Q: Do colleges have enough money to pay athletes?
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How many colleges pay there athletes to play for them?


Do athletes pay taxes on money won?

Yes they have to pay taxes on the winnings

Does great Britain pay prize money to winning athletes at the olympics?


Can ncaa scholarship athletes work for pay?

yes, can work for money at a ligititamate job.......

Is tax payers money is going to the Olympics?

No. The athletes have sponsors and donations to help pay for the costs.

How can you argue that athletes earn to much?

No one can argue that athletes earn too much. Athletes are entertainers. They play a sport to entertain a crowd just like an actor performs in a play to entertain a crowd. People pay money to see both events. Both athletes and actors are paid according to their worth as ticket draws. An athlete or actor who brings a large group of people to an arena or theater makes a lot of money. People pay a lot of money to see the best. As long as people throw money at athletic events, athletes in the top tier will earn a lot of money.

Why should you pay college athletes?

yes they should because they work really hard and they deserve to get money to pay to get into the sport they are trying to achieve...

Why is it common to catch athletes foot?

Becuase people don't pay enough attention to clean feet, and that's when you don't clean your feet often, and that's when you get athletes foot.

Do athletes get pay for setting gold record?

does athletes get pay for gold record

How much money have to pay to study fashion designer?

enough money to pay for 2-4 years of college.

How does credit work?

When you don't have enough money for something, you charge it and pay the money when you have it.

Why are athletes overpaid?

"Overpaid" is an opinion in a Capitalist economy. Athletes are paid so highly because they are in very high demand, and the sport industries make a significant amount of money off of this demand. Because the industries make so much money, they pay as much as they can to attract the best players to play for their team, as most players are going to play for whoever offers them the most money. If society wanted to reduce athletes' pay, the way to do that would be to eliminate the demand of athletes and the industry would no longer profit.