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yes, can work for money at a ligititamate job.......

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Q: Can ncaa scholarship athletes work for pay?
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When do colleges stop giving out football scholarships?

Athletic Scholarships for athletes began as early as 1870. The NCAA was founded in 1905, and they tried to reign in and codify they rules regarding financial support for athletes. In 1939 the NCAA first coined the term "need based scholarship". In 1950 the NCAA, along with major colleges and universities, outlined and codified the first true Athletic Scholarships. This allowed schools the ability to recruit and pay for the costs of attending the colleges and universities for a student athlete. The benefits paid to these student athletes were unregulated for the most part, and once a scholarship was awarded it could not be revoked. This system lasted until 1973, when the NCAA changed the system, aimed at reeling in the bonuses paid to athletes. This move was done in order to put the amateur back into amateur sport.

How much does a basketball player earn in college?

Its not just college you need play before college too and train alot. But 4 years in college is usually all you do.

Did Whitney Houston receive a scholarship?

did she get a scholarship or did she have to pay

Do you pay for your own flight ticket if you have a scholarship?

If the scholarship does not provide the money, you pay for your own ticket. The scholarship will specify what the money can be used for.

Do athletes get pay for setting gold record?

does athletes get pay for gold record

What is the moral of the scholarship jacket?

ORIGINAL: the moral of the scholarship jacket is simple you should not have to pay for anything you have worked for or deserve.IMPROVED: The moral of the 'Scholarship Jacket' by Martha Salinas, is that even if there are obstacles work will pay off. Do not let others get what they don't deserve no matter what, even if they are the daughter of a Board member at school

Do you have to pay back a baseball scholarship if you quit?

Actually,you have to pay double what the scholarship is worth,so I wouldn't recommend it.

Why should you pay college athletes?

yes they should because they work really hard and they deserve to get money to pay to get into the sport they are trying to achieve...

What is the highest awarded scholarship for sports?

colleges pay a percentage of your costs to attend the school which includes things such as your meal plan, tuition, and housing. The highest amount that NCAA allows a college to pay an athlete is 100% of these costs and no more than that. This is considered a "full ride".

How do you pay for private college?

you can smart and get a scholarship

How can you get a scholarship in MIT?

Good grades volunteer work- keep track high SAT scores getting accepted- they help u pay

Do sports pay athletes in the Olympics?

No, they do not.