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Q: Did Evelyn Ashford have any siblings?
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Who were evelyn ashford's siblings?

Raina Ashley Washington

What were evelyn ashford's parents names?

Evelyn Ashford's parents were Seth and Rose Ashford.

When was Evelyn Ashford born?

Evelyn Ashford was born on April 15, 1957.

What is Evelyn Ashford's birthday?

Evelyn Ashford was born on April 15, 1957.

What is Evelyn Ashford daughter's name?

Evelyn Ashford's daughter's name is Raina Ashley Washington.

How old is Evelyn Ashford?

Olympic medalist Evelyn Ashford (Washington) is 60 years old (birthdate: April 15, 1957).

Is Evelyn Ashford married?

yes to maurty simpson the third

What Olympic female broke the 200 meter record at the 1984 Olympics?

Evelyn Ashford

What happened in Evelyn Ashford's early years?

Evelyn Ashford was born in 1957 in Shreveport, Louisiana. She grew up in California, where she discovered her talent for sprinting. She went on to become one of the most successful female track and field athletes in history.

What US athlete was about a week pregnant when she broke the world 200 meter record at the 1984 olympic?

Evelyn Ashford

Who won the women's 100 meter dash in the 1984 Olympics?

Evelyn Ashford of the Unites States in a time of 10.97 seconds.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mind Machine - 2009?

The cast of Mind Machine - 2009 includes: Brad Graiff as Charlie Ashford Jenna McCombie as Female Scientist Emma Prescott as Sarah Ashford John Regis as Doctor Andreas Robichaux as Male Scientist Rochelle Vallese as Professor Evelyn Ashford Shawnna Youngquist as Kate Ashford