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Those who watch it.

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your mom! (Y)

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Q: Describe the consumers of sports and entertainment products?
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Why is consumers' discretionary income important to the sports and entertainment industry?


What products does Mera Pharmaceuticals sell?

Mera Pharmaceuticals sells a number of different products to consumers. Some of the those products include AstaFactor Rejuvenating Formula, and AstaFactor Sports Formula.

When was Total Sports Entertainment created?

Total Sports Entertainment was created in 1984.

When was Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television created?

Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television was created in 2004.

When did Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television end?

Carolinas Sports Entertainment Television ended in 2005.

What is sports entertainment?

Professional wrestling is wdiely referred to as sports entertainment by Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE.

What type of products do the Sports Experts offer to consumers?

Many sports experts promote Vitamins, suppliments, and protein shakes. Depending on their sponsors, or a specific product that they have produced, that's what they would promote.

What other products than sports products does Life Fitness offer?

Life Fitness is one of the most popular business's among athletes. Life Fitness offer products such as protein shakes to help get their consumers more healthier.

What is on comcasts sports entertainment package?

a ton of sports stuff

What are New York Entertainment?


What is the full form of ESPN?

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

What industry has a larger economicimpact in the us-sports or entertainment?

sports tikets