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Q: Why is consumers' discretionary income important to the sports and entertainment industry?
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What industry has been changed the most by socially conscious behavior on the part of consumers?

entertainment industry

What stock market sector is Disney in?

Disney (Walt) Co. is located in Consumer Discretionary(Sector)-Media(Industry) and Movies and Entertainment(Sub-Industry). Ray

What is the biggest entertainment industry?

The video games industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world

How important is a singer?

a singer is important because without singers there would be no entertainment there would also be no music industry

Who was the telephone developed for?

was the telephone developed for buisness and industry or consumers? was the telephone developed for buisness and industry or consumers? was the telephone developed for buisness and industry or consumers?

What example of naked and discretionary option in low cost airlines industry?

What is the question?

When was Entertainment Industry Foundation created?

Entertainment Industry Foundation was created in 1942.

Was the telephone developed for business and industry or consumers?


Is entertainment industry corrupting family values?

The term 'family values' covers a lot of ground. It's a century old politicians term. Unfortunately, no politician that ever used the term has seen fit to define what it actually means. Now, how about the entertainment industry; that's an industry in business to sell entertainment. An industry exists by selling. When people (the individuals that make up families) don't buy, the industry doesn't survive. The fact that the entertainment business is thriving is evidence that family members are buying. The only power to restrict the corrupting power of the entertainment industry is the buying power of the consumers (family members).

What are the positive effects of entertainment industry to family values?

Entertainment industry help family to become bonded.

Are the entertainment industry can increase an excellence of an individual?

I think your question should be ..'Can the entertainment industry increase excellence in an individual?'

Who is gay in the entertainment industry?