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National League West: Colorado Rockies,Arizona Dimondbacks,San Francisco Giants,Los Angeles Dodgers,San Deigo PadresNational League Central: Houston Astros, St.Louis Cardinals,Milwakee Brewers,Chicago Cubs,Cincinnati Reds,Pittsburgh PiratesNational League East: Philadelphia Pillies,New York Mets,Washington Nationals,Atlanta Braves,Florida MarlinsAmerican League West: Anahime Angles, Seattle Mariners,Texas Rangers,Oakland AthleticsAmerican League Central: Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins,Detroit Tigers,Cleveland IndiansAmerican League East: Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees,Boston Red Sox

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Q: Can you name all 30 Major League Baseball teams?
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What is the name of the Seattle Seahawks farm team?

Football teams do not have farm teams. Minor League or farm teams are associated with Major League Baseball.

What Major League Baseball team starts with the letter log?

No Major League Baseball teams start with Log.However, MLB teams that have an L in the city name include:Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimLos Angeles Dodgers

Name the only baseball team from the Pacific Northwest?

Seattle Mariners is the only Major League team from the Pacific Northwest, however there are several minor league teams, college teams, etc. in that area.

What was the name of a all the Major League baseball teams that has played in New York in the past?

New York GiantsBrooklyn DodgersNew York YankeesNew York Mets

What sports or sports team name starts with the letter L?

Lacrosse, lawn bowling, little league baseball, long jump and luge are sports. The Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers are Major League Baseball teams.

Were the New York Yankees one of the 16 original teams?

In 1901 8 teams of the American League, joined the National League to form Major League Baseball. The Yankees franchise was part of the origianl 8 teams of the American League but at the time they were the Baltimore Orioles. In 1903 the team was moved to New York, and named the Highlanders. The New York Highlanders changed the name to Yankees in 1913.

What team was Babe Ruth name?

Babe Ruth began his Major League career with the Boston Red Sox in 1914.

How many Major League Baseball players have had the last name Major?

According to, none. Odd, huh?

What is Cleveland baseball team name?

The IndiansThe Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What countries play in Major League Soccer?

Major League Soccer is the name of the United States' highest-level soccer league. Canada also participates in this league. It was founded in December 1993 and currently includes 19 teams.

What baseball teams start with an 'o'?

The Baltimore Orioles are the only Major League Baseball (MLB) team whose name starts with an 'o'. The Oakland Athletics are the only MLB team whose city/location starts with an 'o'.

What are Maine's most famous sports teams?

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