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The question should be changed from; can an 11 year old throw that hard but if he should throw that hard? Throwing a fastball 90 MPH puts an enormous amount of stress on the arm. An eleven year old is still growing and this will have an effect on bone growth, and damage ligaments and tendons . If I was a coach of a talented 11 year old that could throw the ball this hard I would hold him back on velocity, and concentrate on control, and learning how to pitch.

I agree and some of the best pitchers in the history of the game like greg maddux and tom glavine can barely reach 90. How should a pre-pubescent 11-year old be able to do that.

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The answer to the question that was actually asked is no. An 11 year old can't throw that hard.

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Q: Can an 11 year old throw a 90 mph fast ball?
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How fast can the average twelve year old throw a ball?

I am twelve and I can throw about 70-75 mph. For an average child maybe 80-85 mph.

How fast does a 3rd baseman throw the ball to 1st?

75 mph

How fast can a quarterback throw the ball?

Avergae speed 40-60 mph- a few have had speeds in the 70s.

How fast does a fast ball have to be to be a fast ball?

69 mph It can be any speed but probably about 60 mph

How fast should a 14 year old throw?

Between 55 and 75 MPH

How fast in MPH can a ball travel off the bat of a aluminum bat?

Generally, a 90 MPH fast ball for an MLB pitcher is considered good. There are some that can throw in the upper 90s and, in the 2006 World Series, Joel Zumaya was clocked at 103 MPH.

How fast does a good 10 year old pitcher pitch?

The average 10 yr old kid throws the ball 45MPH. About 33% of pitchers this age can throw the ball 45-50MPH and about 13% can throw the ball 51-55. About 1 kid in a million can throw the ball 60MPH. If your kid can throw more then 48MPH he is considered above average.

How fast did Bob Feller throw?

The best information I have came from a short film biography that stated in 1941 his fast ball speed was estimated by comparison with a speeding motorcycle going 86 mph. It was estimated he reached 104 mph. However, in 1946 radar guns were available. His fast ball was measured at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. Claim is that his fast balls frequently measured over 100 mph during regular games. In a film biography of Bob Feller it is said in 1941 his fast ball was estimated at 104 mph. However, in 1946 when radar guns were available his fast ball was clocked at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. He frequently exceeded 100 mph in regular games.

How fast did satchel paige throw?

105-110 mph.

Throwing a baseball at 82mph as a 13 year old is it fast?

Yes, throwing 82 MPH as a 13 year old is very fast, almost inhuman. The fastest pitchers at that age might throw from 60-65 MPH

How fast can Jimenez throw?

his highest is 98 mph

How fast can joe mauer throw?

90 mph