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At least a medal or trophy and sometimes money!

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Q: At least How much will you get if you win a competition?
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How do you win the cow competition on harvest moon ds cute?

To win the competition you must enter a full grown healthy Cow with at least nine hearts.

How much do you win in a crossword competition in monopoly?

100 pounds (I have the card in front of me :) )

What is the term of competition?

A competition is where you compete to win something

How much do you get if you win darts?

It depends on the specific competition and the organisation will decide the prize money themselves.

What do you win in karate when you spar?

It depends if your sparring in a competition or practicing. if you're not in competition and your just doing it in your training then you don't win anything. If you're in a competition you can win medals and sometimes maybe trophies.

How do you stand out in a competition?


How much does a pro soccer player win?

lionel messi win at least 33.000.000 millions of dollars :)

Where can i win a skateboard?

In a skate competition.

Will you ever win a competition?

If you apply yourself and if you are really good in the subject or activity, then yes you can win a competition. Practice makes perfect.

How do you win a competition?

well, while preparing 4 the competition assume that u'll be inhell if ulose. then u'll develop the inner spirit to win it

Who did the new zealand breakers basketball team beat to win what competition?

The Breakers beat the Cairns Taipans to win the Australian NBL competition.

Can you win a medal in each competition?

Yes, if you practice, but no if you do not practice and you expect to win.