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Q: Are scooters allowed in vans skate park?
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What kind of shoes does Jeremy mckinnon wear?

he wears vans mostly

Where can you find wholesale vans shoes?

I don't understand what kind of shoes you are looking for, but you can go to FashionTIY to have a look. There are many high-quality men's and women's shoes. Many wholesalers in the United States trust this online wholesale platform.

When i try to land a kik flip on my board my back foot lands about on the back bolts but my front foot lands on the ground on the inside of the board i ride goofy what's rong?

what you are doing wrong is your flicking out to hard. well first off, make sure your front leg is on an angle, facing slightly more horizontal then usual, facing the nose of the board. and make sure it is hanging off the edge of the board, either in ollie position, or close to the bolts, whichever is more comfotable. i too am goofy, and have this excact same problem. what you need to do is practise. you must crouch fairly low, so you can put your weight on it, creating more pop. then you must pop the tail, but at the same time, jump as high as you can whilst flicking your foot out to the side, only lightly though. even if you only flick it halfway, you mainly need to practise bringing the front foot in. once you can land it halfway, try out different variations of flicking such as flicking out faster or flicking slightly harder. a few things to help you kickflip are : small wheels, making you closer to the ground so you pop faster and theyre lighter so you can get higher a board with good concave ( the amount it curves in the centre) good griptape skate shoes such as fallen es emerica etnies ds or vans.

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