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i once got slip ons and never used them as skate shoes and then got skate shoes and used them as skate shoes alot

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Q: Vans Skate shoes or vans slip on which should i get?
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Are vans slip on shoes for girls or for guys?

I believe they are unisex.

Where can shoes such as Vans slip ons be purchased?

Shoes made by Vans can be purchased from their own site, and from a variety of merchants such as Sears, JC Penney, Kohls and Hot Topic. Many stores sell slip on shoes from different manufacturers.

What should you wear to a skate competition?

Jeans, a t-shirt, vans slip ons because their nice and soft on your feet and a really cool hat for when your not skating and chilling out

Vans Shoes - Over 40 Years of Excellence?

Vans skate shoes have been around since the 1960s and they have shown the world that they are here to stay. Each year, Vans Footwear continues to produce some of the highest-selling and most sought-after skate shoes on the market. From the original Authentics to today's line of professional-inspired model like the Tony Trujillo TNTs or the Andrew Doheny E Streets, Vans consistently proves why they are one of the most respected companies in the skate shoe industry. Vans shoes come in many different styles, some of which are not even aimed towards skateboarders. This is something that Vans has an upper-hand in; they are able to successfully target two large demographics -- skateboarders and those who just enjoy the style and comfort of skate shoes. Vans makes sneakers for both boys and girls, for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Not too many other brands can compare with the line-up Vans offers, in terms of both quantity and quality. Another thing that makes Vans shoes diverse is the fact that you can often choose between low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops for certain models. Vans is largely known for their comfort and durability. Almost all of their models are triple-stitched and made from tough, Vulcanized leather. It is not uncommon to be able to skateboard with the same pair for several years. This says a lot because many other skate shoes will only last 6 months at the most. Vans shoes are capable of holding up to a lot of abuse for a long period of time without ripping or wearing to the point of creating holes. Perhaps one of the most unique and innovative aspects of Vans is that you can get online and create your own Vans shoes. On their website you can choose from three classic Vans shoes styles -- the Era, Old Skools and Slip-ons. Each of these start out as plain white and as you navigate through the steps you can add your own designs and colors to each individual panel of the shoe. With all of these things in mind, it's no wonder why Vans shoes are so popular, and don't look to be slowing down.

Can you skateboard on slip on shoes?

# like vans? yes-- or like flip flops? yes, but you can scrape up your feet

Where can you get slip on vans?

you can get slip on vans in the year 300 hope i could help

What kind of shoes was Matthew McConaughey wearing in failure to launch?

In the furniture store he was just wearing blue slip on vans.

Are Vans slip-ons good quality....Are the redwhite checkerboard slip-ons good?

uhh not really. If you try skating with them, they tear from the front and the rubber and grip wears down. If you skate they will last you about 4 months.

When was Vans shoes line launched?

The Vans shoe line was launched in 1966, in Anaheim, California. Vans started really becoming popular in the 1970s, where you would see skateboarders wearing their Vans while skateboarding. In 1979, Vans slip ons became a huge hit around California.

Are authentic and slip on vans the same in sise like if im sise 7 in womens on slip on vans is it the same for authentic vans or are you sise 8 in authentic vans?

its the same

How do you make white party rock shoes?

Print a stencil online and get white slip on vans and use a black sharpy, they look great!

Brad Pitt shoes?

Actually..... Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers Italian Style Buckle Loafers and Oxfords (Bruno Magli, Ferragamo, etc.) Puma Liga Sneakers Vans Slip On deck shoes