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Q: Are flutter kicks bad for your back?
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What kicks are permitted during backstroke?

When you push off the wall, you are allowed to do butterfly kicks underwater. When you start taking strokes with your arms, you must do flutter kicks.

How many flutter kicks burn 1 calorie?

Doing flutter kicks for one hour burns approximately 5 Calories per kilogram per hour, so if you're a male weighing 70 kilograms and do one hour of flutter kicks, you can burn: (5 x 70 x 1)kcal/h = 350 Calories per hour. To find out however many flutter kicks burn one calorie, divide the number you do by 350, and that will be your answer. This will vary depending on how intense/quickly you do the workout.

What is the term of a flutter kick?

Use of the leg kicks when swimming crawl and backstroke

What are flutter kicks good for?

Flutter kicks are great for helping to develop stamina as well as physical fitness. They work the core muscles, thighs, abdomen, and calves, and are a great addition to any workout.

How many kicks in swimming?

Freestyle: Flutter kick, feet go up and down in short quick strokes.) Backstroke: Like flutter kick but you are fliped on your back. Breaststroke: On your stomach legs go down and out then snap together Butterfly: Legs and feet together with up and down motions

What is a 6 beat flutter kick swimming?

For every arm lift, there are three leg kicks. In other words, every time you lift your right arm, you should have done 6 leg kicks.

I am healthy but I could always look better What kind of things should I eat that aren't salty or too sweet and what kind of at home work outs could I do to tone my body?

Fruits or energy bars (I like Clif bars). Crunches, planks, run, tricep dips, yoga, pushups,leg lifts, flutter kicks(lay on back with hands under butt, raise shoulders up off floor and lift your legs up in the air and kick rapidly), I forget what another one is called but its like the flutter kicks but you also flutter your arms instead of laying on them, there are tons more. Supermans/skydivers

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Only when a foul is committed such as handball or a bad tackle - offsides or back passes are indirect free kicks!

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I am not entirely sure but I am preener sure that it is when they are constantly doing things with it such as spraying you down with a hose while doing flutter kicks. Or poring a bucket of water on you

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