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A Summer Olympics has not been held on the continents of Africa nor South America.

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Q: Apart from antarctica which two continents have never held the summer Olympics?
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What continent is the lowest flattest and apart from Antarctica the driest of the continents?

Antarctica is the driest continent.

What continents have wolves?

I think just about everywhere, apart from antarctica

Where do bears not live?

Bears are found on all continents apart from Australia and Antarctica.

How many years is the Olympics apart?

The Olympics are every 2 years. But there Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics which are four years apart. The last Summer Olympics were in 2008 and the next on is July 27, 2012 which makes it 4 years for each season.

How far apart are the summer Olympics is every?

4 years

How many years apart are the summer Olympics game held?

4 years

How many years apart are the winter Olympics?

4, same as the summer olympics, just 2 years different.

How often are the Olympic games?

The Summer Olympics are held 4 years apart, The Winter Olympics are held 4 years apart, They alternate every 2 years. The Special Olympics are held immediatly after the regular Olympics

What happened to summer and winter Olympics after the year 1992?

Instead of holding both Olympics in the same year, starting in 1994 the Winter and Summer Olympics are now held two years apart. The next Winter Olympics will be held in 2010 and the next Summer Olympics will be held in 2012.

Is Africa close by to Antarctica?

The tip of South Africa is the closest to Antarctica. Capetown is in the Southeastern part of South Africa and is roughly 3,900 miles from Antarctica. The two continents aren't all that far apart.

How are the Olympics held?

Every four years. This applies for both the summer and winter Olympic games. The summer and winter Olympics are held two years apart from each other.

How are fossils found in antarctica when dinosaurs live in warm climate?

Antarctica was part of Pangaea, dinosaurs crossed on to Antarctica while it was still connected. After a while the continents started to move and spread apart taking the dinosaurs with it.

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