What age can you participate modern U.S Olympics?

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You can participate in the U.S Olympics at the age of 12.

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Q: What age can you participate modern U.S Olympics?
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Did the US participate in volleyball in the summer Olympics of 2012?


Why didn't the US participate in the Olympics in 1980?

They were giving the Soviet Nation revenge.

When did the us participate in the Olympics?

Every 2 years, alternating between summer and winter games.

How many sports does the US participate in the 2012 Olympics?

25 Sports Handball was the only sport for which the United States had no representation at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

What are the age limits to participate in US Space Camps?

You have to be at least 18.

Did the us participate in every Olympics?

No. The USA boycotted the 1980 Winter Olympics which were held in the Soviet Union as a protest of the Soviet Union's 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.

How many US participate in the Olympics?

The USA Olympic Committee sent 539 competitors to the 2012 London Games.

To how many events will the US participate in the 2012 Olympics?

The US will compete in 25/26 sports. The exact number of events are not known as they have to do with placement and medaling.

What year did the US win their first gold medal at the Olympics?

The first Modern Olympics in 1896 when the US won 11 gold, 7 silver, and 2 bronze.

Do you get paid to participate in the Olympics?

In most places, no you do not. Most countries do pay a bonus award to athletes that win medals, even the US.

Who were the members of the 1980 us olympic womens swim team?

The United States did not participate in the 1980 Summer Olympics.

When did the US begin to particpate in the Olympics games?

The United States participated in the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, and since then they have participated in every Olympics except for the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.

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