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urethane back in the day, most likely now the same

urethane ***yes, it is still urethane

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Q: What is a skateboarding wheel made out of?
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What is the most popular skateboarding wheel?

i think its ricta :)

What is the best skateboarding wheel?

Spitfire or Hubba or ricta

How was the wheel made?

Wheels started as big wheels made out of oil, it sucked and you slipped on every pebble. Then somebody figured out you could do the same thing but with polyurethane. This was a huge step forward and that's how the wheel (for skateboarding) was made and evolved.

What are the release dates for Figure It Out - 1997 German Wheel and Skateboarding Goat 6-1?

Figure It Out - 1997 German Wheel and Skateboarding Goat 6-1 was released on: USA: 15 October 2012

What is the best wheel bearing out now for skateboarding?

Bones Swiss creamics

Who made skateboarding?

jesus :)

Have they made any movies about skateboarding?

lords of dogtown is a great movie about the foundation of skateboarding.

What made skateboarding popular?

The Tricks.

What are skateboarding bearings?

Little metal balls that help the wheel spin. The best ones are Reds Dragon

Where was skateboarding created?

The first skateboard was made in California.

Who made mountain skateboarding?

someone cool! And asome!!

How did Rodney mullens skateboarding affect his life?

It made him a badass