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Well a skateboard usually has a kick and a catch to them the back side of the skateboard has a bigger lip called the kick and the othe the catch which is small this kick is used to pop your skateboard up more

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A double kick flip !

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Q: What is a double kick tail on a skateboard?
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What motions occur on a skateboard?

Kick, Push

Can you make a sentence with radically?

He radically did a quintuple kick-flip on his skateboard.

What is the name of Kick Buttowski's skateboard?

Blue .The real is Ol Blue

How do you know where the nose of your skateboard is?

the nose is bigger than the tail

What is a kick turn on a skateboard?

A kick turn is when you turn not by leaning to the side, but by lifting your front wheels and moving them in a different direction to turn.

Should you buy a pin-tail or kick-tail long-board?

i have rode both types of long-boards. the pin tail wasn't bad, but i definitely preferred the kick tail board, which is why i bought that type of board after trying the different kinds. if i were you, i would go with the kick tail board.

How do you kick flip on a rip stick?

same way you do on a skateboard but it is just harder if your a skater you can do it

Who invented the first two tail skateboard?

i think it was Mike Vallely

Do you have to loosen your trucks to turn on a skateboard?

you can use one but you can buy skateboard tools easily which are also easier to use

What are some skateboard moves?

There are heel flips. Also, There are kick flips. Lastly, there are board slides.

What attacks does nidoqueen learn in Pokemon Yellow?

Tackle, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Poison Sting and Body Slam through leveling up.

Do bottlenosed dolphins have a strong kick?

Dolphins do have a strong tail with strong kick. That is showcased in many aquariums when they perform tail-walking above water or jumps.