How do you kick flip on a rip stick?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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same way you do on a skateboard but it is just harder if your a skater you can do it

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Q: How do you kick flip on a rip stick?
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What is the hardest Tech Deck trick?

360 kick flip laser flip back flip air walk double tri flip kick flip

What is a hard flip with an extra kick flip?

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How mush is a rip stick?

A rip stick is about 30.00 just a guess 

Which is better to bike or to rip stick?

An exercise bike is better than a rip stick because of its safety brakes but a rip stick is more fun.

Is a 360 flip a kick flip and a 360 shove it?


Is it easier to kick flip off of stairs or just a normal kick flip?

normal kick flip maybe well most likely it can also be easy off stairs because you have more time on the air

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Am i good at skating if i can do a kick flip pop shuvit and a varial kick flip?

if you can do those tricks over a 12 stair, then i guess you are good.

What is a flip stick?

A walking stick that can fold in to a seat

What are the colors of the rip stick?

The colors of a rip stick are, red, blue, green, silver, blue and red, and hot pink.

Who invented the rip stick?

We would like to get in touch with the person who invented the rip stick. We are doing a project. Our email is

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