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Q: Is there any rules in street league skateboarding?
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Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

Are there any street soccer leagues?

There is no professional street soccer league, as for, the sport is more of a pastime.

Can a bowler bowl league and practice on another pair of lanes at the same time?

While there isn't any rules to prohibit this at the national level, there may be rules in the league that prohibit this. Normally this is discouraged in league play.

How do you unlock African safari in street cricket champions?

B\ '''By compleate street league without loosing any match'''

Have they made any movies about skateboarding?

lords of dogtown is a great movie about the foundation of skateboarding.

How many rules are there in the Major League Baseball?

Just like any sport there is A LOT of rules and revisions that have been made to the game.

Do you know any of the rules of ten-pin bowling?

You can view the rules for sanctioned league play in the US at USBC's website at

Who can participate in skateboarding?

any one gilrls and boys

Why does the MLB pitchers bat in one league and not the other?

In the National League pitchers are treated like any other player and must bat for their order in the lineup, in the American League the pitchers spot in the lineup can be taken by a designated hitter. Since the two leagues have different rules, They go by the rules for the ballpark they play in. If it is in a National League ball park, the pitcher hits, if it is in an American League ball park they use a DH. This applies for any regulation game, regular season and playoffs

Can you name any 80s skateboarding movies?

gleaming the cube

Where do you buy skateboarding trucks?

any local skateshops,it depends on where you live

Where do you buy element shirts?

Element is a skateboarding company. Their products can be bought virtually at any skate shop. Also online at, or other skateboarding retailers.