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Better for beginners of what? If you want to longboard... learn on a longboard
If you want to skateboard... learn on a skateboard
They are quite different to ride, the principals are the same so if you can ride a longboard, you'll be able to ride a skateboard but you'll find doing tricks on a longboard is far harder than on a skateboard.

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14y ago
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Not really because its really long so you cant do tricks with it

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11y ago

there are alot of people who think that londboarding is much easier than Skateboarding.

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12y ago

No they do not. I bought a sector nine pintail longboard (10 by 46) 5 years ago and I weigh 195. It takes a lot to try to snap one of those babies.

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Q: Is longboarding easier than skateboarding
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My Mom

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Longboarding is gay.Real skateboarding is where it's at.

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