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well actually no gear is really required for longboarding!...

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Q: What gear is required for longboarding?
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Is it legally required to wear a helmet longboarding?

That depends on where you are. States/provinces and municipalities decide whether or not a helmet is required.

What is safer a longboard or skate board?

This all depends on the riding you plan on doing. If you skateboard you can pick vert or street; longboarding has downhill and sliding. It all depends on what your limits are, if you use proper safety gear, and where you practice it. My opinion would be that downhill longboarding is the most dangerous of all.

Best longboarding wheels for freeride sliding 2014?

Zombie Hawgs is the best longboarding wheels for freerideing.

When was longboarding discovered?


Is longboarding a good workout?


Which is more dangerous longboarding or skateboarding?

My Mom

Why does my 307cc if started in gear pull away no revs required?

my 307cc if started in gear pulls away no revs required even up hill

What is the most unhealthy pop?

longboarding is the best sport ever

What type of gear is required for law enforcement officers?

There are many types of gear that are required for law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers are required to have their badge, their gun, and their handcuffs on them at all times.

Is Hawaii good for longboarding?

Surfing- on the longboard- was created in Hawaii. It is the best.

How many people die a year while longboarding?

6 billion

What are the different divisions in skateboarding?

There are Longboarding, Street Skating(I prefer that), and Vert.(Ramps)