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Yes, that's the point

yeah, u get better pop if it htis the ground

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Q: Is it good to let your tail touch the ground on an ollie?
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Is it necessary that skateboard tail touches the ground while popping an Ollie?

no, sometimes i don't hit the ground when I'm doing an ollie but you don't do as high :)

How do you do a manual on a skateboard?

You lift the nose of the board up as if you were doing an ollie, but do not let the tail or the front wheels touch the ground. It is a very hard trick but if you practice it will eventually come to you.

Is an ollie a jump on the skateboard?

Basically yes but there are a few basic requirements for it actually to be an ollie first of all you have to be sliding your front foot, you have to pop the tail right to the floor, you have to get off the ground and you have to level the board in the air.

Why doesn't the airplan's tail touch the ground?

The tail of the aeroplane has control surfaces for flight. By the design of the body of the craft the tail is kept from touching the ground on take-off or landing. These protective measures include tail wheels and the agle of the tail from the body.

Is it called a ollie or a nollie?

they are two different tricks. an ollie is off the back...or the a nollie is of the front...or the nose. youre a retard. they are two different tricks. an ollie is off the back...or the a nollie is of the front...or the nose. youre a retard.

Do you have to jump when you ollie?

Sort of. When you pop the tail, you have to move with the board

How old is a calf when its tail touches the ground?

A calf's tail will never touch the ground unless it's laying down, like right after birth, or once every day in the straw, or if it's dead.

What do you do to get the tail of your skateboard off the ground in an ollie?

POP as hard as you can (meaning SLAM down your foot) then jump up high and at the same time roll your foot up the board to level it out

How come when i Ollie my nose hits my leg and the tail doesn't come of the ground?

Try putting your front foot farther forward and your back foot more on the tail. That should make the nose of the board go higher so it wont hit your leg

How do you olley on a skateboard?

first off, its spelled ollie, and there are many videos on youtube you can find that will teach you how to ollie. just search "trick tips ollie" on youtube. Or you can get in a ollie position and pop back on the tail and slide up on the nsoe. It will probably take a month. -Nish Grewal

What is the difference between an ollie and a fakie ollie?

An ollie is when you pop off the tail of your board in your normal riding stance while going forwards. A fakie ollie is when you pop off the nose of your board in your switch stance while going forwards. All in all its the same trick except that with a fakie ollie you are doing an ollie but instead of going forwards you are going backwards. I hope this helps

What is pop in skateboarding?

when you hit the back of the board how high it goes