Is an osprey pro skateboard good?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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No,do not get one,I have one and it broke instantly!

And the deck is very bad quality

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Q: Is an osprey pro skateboard good?
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How long should one skateboard before they purchase a Pro Skateboard?

One should wait two years to purchase a Pro Skateborad. Most people who use a ordinary skateborad are not even that good to even get to Pro level, so better to wait.

Is jolt skateboard a pro brand?


Is a voltage fireball skateboard a pro board?


What is the average size of a pro skateboard?

The average size of a pro skateboard is around 8 inches wide and 31-32 inches long. These dimensions provide a good balance of stability and maneuverability for performing tricks and riding in various terrains.

What are pro skateboard?

A pro deck is a skateboard that has been designed by a pro skater. If the skater is getting good publicity for his company then they might ask whether he wants a pro board. A pro board normally comes by itself, without griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

How do you convinse my mum for a skateboard?

ima be a pro skater!!

When your skateboard is scratched up does that mean you are a pro?

No, you are only a pro if YOU are scratched up, sometimes, you can be a pro and not be scratched up if you are a SUPER pro

What is a good sentence for osprey?

The osprey just snatched up a fish! That's the biggest osprey I've ever seen.

Can you be a pro skateboarder with a walmart skateboard?

it doesn't matter on wha t skateboard it is it matters on the tricks and skills that you do. and if your a pro skater or sponserd you will phashow be on something better than walmart LOL

Is Predator and Juggernaut and Osprey Gunner a good combo of a point streak?

It all depends on your play style for me to get to a osprey i have to use the predator - Reaper - Osprey

Do you have to have a good skateboard to ollie?

If you are a good skateboarder, no. But you should probably practice on a good skateboard

What are good skateboard brands?

Watch skate promotional videos, or look up pro skaters and see who they are endorsed by and which boards/wheels/trucks they use.