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Q: Is a voltage fireball skateboard a pro board?
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What are pro skateboard?

A pro deck is a skateboard that has been designed by a pro skater. If the skater is getting good publicity for his company then they might ask whether he wants a pro board. A pro board normally comes by itself, without griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

What is the longest distance traveled on a skateboard?

Rob Dyrdek, Pro-Skater and star of MTV's Fantasy Factory, is the world record holder for the largest most realistic skateboard. Rob's board is 38 feet-6 inches long and 5 feet-6 inches tall. Check out Rob and the Mayor of Los Angeles riding the World's Largest Skateboard, and Rob riding it with friends in Venice Beach, California. Also he rode that skateboard in the skate park he built and designed. The skateboard is an exact replica of his pro board only bigger. And Rob said "there will be no mandals on this skateboard".

What is the most common skateboard?

It depends on the teenage boy. Usually their favorite pro skater decides what board they will get. For example; Andrew Reynolds rides for Baker, therefore the teenage boy will get a Baker board.

How do pro skaters use math?

In geometry. You have to hit the board in certain areas with a amount of power and then what you do with your foot to make the skateboard do a certain trick.

Is jolt skateboard a pro brand?


How do you convinse my mum for a skateboard?

ima be a pro skater!!

When your skateboard is scratched up does that mean you are a pro?

No, you are only a pro if YOU are scratched up, sometimes, you can be a pro and not be scratched up if you are a SUPER pro

Can you be a pro skateboarder with a walmart skateboard?

it doesn't matter on wha t skateboard it is it matters on the tricks and skills that you do. and if your a pro skater or sponserd you will phashow be on something better than walmart LOL

How much should a skateboard with pro trucks a pro deck and wheels cost?

from £70 to £120 depending on the make

How long should one skateboard before they purchase a Pro Skateboard?

One should wait two years to purchase a Pro Skateborad. Most people who use a ordinary skateborad are not even that good to even get to Pro level, so better to wait.

Is world industries a pro skate board company?

well, to professionals and experienced amatuers, world industries is not considered a pro skateboard company. this is because World targets the younger market, with colorful logos and characters. They make cheaper boards for younger kids who cannot afford them, and cheaper boards mean a less professional standard was used in the making. my first skateboard was a World, and yours probably was too.

What is the difference from a pro board and a Walmart board?

one difference is that the pro board has pro wheels and the trucks are stronger. one more thing is that the wood is stronger than the wood with a walmart board.