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that is regular

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Q: If you ride a skateboard with your right foot in back and push of with your left is this normal and what is it called?
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Well a skateboard usually has a kick and a catch to them the back side of the skateboard has a bigger lip called the kick and the othe the catch which is small this kick is used to pop your skateboard up more

What is a wave board?

A waveboard is like a skateboard but only has 2 wheels, one at the front and one at the back of the waveboard. It is also called a ripstik. For some people who ride it, it is much easier than a skateboard, a skateboard is more complicated than a waveboard/ ripstik.

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Yes the tail (the back end) is where your skateboard graphics looks upside down when you look at the bottom. The Nose( the front is when you look at your board griptape side down and your nose is where your graphics are pointing up and look nice and sweet.

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