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Well,GripTape for skateboards around 7x33 wide, (regular board size) would cost around $5.99 at any RedAlert, Negative-One, or Rated R skate shops. Long boards will be around $10, since griptape is only sandpaper, and sandpaper costs money.

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15y ago
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$10.99 for 18 yds. Pretty good price.

That will be enough for about 60 or more clubs, depending on how much you use per grip.

I use about 9-10 inches, maybe a wee bit more. The tape doesn't have to go all the way down the end of the grip.

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13y ago

depends on what brand of tape u want.

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$7 to $15

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Q: How much would grip tape cost for a 2X6 skate board?
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How do you put grip tape on your skate board?

nun ya

What is the best skate board brand?

Boards- AlienworkshopWheels-SpitfireBearings- Bones Reds , Bones SwissTrucks- VentureGriptape- Mob Grip

What is the significance of skate shoes?

Skate shoes have a wider base than regular shoes to help you grip the grip tape better. Some skate shoes are reinforced in spots are are likely to get worn down as you're skating.

What kind of grip tape does Sean malto skate?

Grizzly Griptape

Does skateboard decks comes with grip tape?

Voodoo 13: If you buy a board from a store already put together, Yes it will already have grip tape on it. Many skate shops will include basic grip tape when you buy a deck from them as well..

Do you have to have a certain shoe to skateboard?

no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip ~awestling96~

Why do board riders wax their boards?

So that there is grip for their feet. Otherwise the water on the surface of the board would cause them to slip right off.

How do you clean the grip on skateboards?

well they sell something called grip gum which is designed for this purpose. you can find it in some skate shops and they also sell it in ccs, which is a skate catolog. you can also get sandpaper claner from hardware stores and it will serve the sam perpose

How do you take griptape off a skate board?

well, the fastest way to do it, is take your board out to your garage, our lawn our whatever, and hook up a hairdryer, and just ease along the sides of the board with it and the grip tape will just start to peel, and it might make it easier to remove the the screws attaching the trucks to your deck.

Where can you get grip tape for a fingerboard?

There is a great site that offers READY TO USE grip tape for fingerboards and tech decks. Grip 'Ur' Deck is the name of the company. They have lots of different colors and patterns. Plus some great ideas for creating your own designs using different colors. There is also a contest and you can win some free grip tape for fingerboards and tech decks!

Where can i buy grip tape?

You can buy it from here They have a great selection of grip tape for skate boards and some really cool designs

Where can you get sand paper that's like grip tape?

If i were you i would just go to your local skate shop and buy how ever much grip you need. If that doesn't meet your needs you could probably get it at a hardware store, but i would recommend calling first so you don't end up wasting your time.