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Q: How long is the tail and nose of a skateboard?
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How do you know where the nose of your skateboard is?

the nose is bigger than the tail

Do you need a certain skateboard to do ollys?

no. any board will do. as long as its got a nose or a tail on it then it can do ollies

What small animals have long nose and tail?

A shrew has a long nose and a tail.

What Is the Nose Of a SkateBoard?

The smaller end of your board is the tail, the larger being the nose. The nose is also referred to as the "catch" because it is meant to catch your foot during an ollie, so the nose is larger to better catch your foot. The tail is smaller and slightly closer to the ground for faster response and better pop. Anybody who uses the larger end of their skateboard as the tail is actually making it harder on themselves.

Does a proboscis monkey really have a long nose tail or ears?

A proboscis monkey really does have a large, long nose. The nose can get up to 7 inches long. This monkey has average sized tail and ears.

What type of paint is on the bottom of a skateboard to the picture doesn't get scratched?

if you do boardslides or nose/tail slides its gonna get scratched no matter what type of paint.

How do you tell the front from the back of a skateboard?

Yes the tail (the back end) is where your skateboard graphics looks upside down when you look at the bottom. The Nose( the front is when you look at your board griptape side down and your nose is where your graphics are pointing up and look nice and sweet.

I was in Mexico and saw an animal that was brown furry long nose and long tail From nose to tail about 3 to 4 feet long What is it?

Although vague, your description fits a "Tlacuache" or Opossum.

How long is a 747 from nose to tail?

70.6 meters

How long was the Tyrannosaurus Rex from tail to nose?

35 feet long

How do you know when a skateboard is generic?

Generic means that both Tail and Nose are identicle. Measuring with your thumb and ring finger outstretched from the bolts is a sure way to find out.

How big are a?

They range from 6 - 13 feet long from nose to tail, and 180 - 900 lbs, but average is 7 - 12 feet long from nose to tail and 200 - 660 lb.