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Q: Are destructos good skateboard trucks
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What trucks on a skateboard are banot good?

If you meen what ones are bad, Industrial, and Indipendents are pretty heavy (just my opinion) ones that are good are, Thunder, Krux, Ventures, and some Destructos, not the hollow ones. (I did a roast beef off a drop and they exploded.)

Does Eric koston ride idependent low trucks?

no, he rides destructos

Are delta 2 skateboard trucks good?

yea there tight

Are silver trucks good for a skateboard?

they are good but i recomend independants, cuz they are the best

Can 775 skateboard trucks fit on a 788 skateboard deck?

yeah bro they will fit smaller trucks are good for wider boards man just skate it up

Is a shaun white skateboard good?

yes a shaun white skateboard is good. tough grip, trucks, wheels. and deck. nothing is wrong with it

What is the best skateboard trucks?

i say the best trucks in the world ventures trucks cause i have them and they are really good and have good endurance!

What skateboard trucks are there in Singapore?


What are skateboard trucks made of?

metal :)

How many trucks does a skateboard have?


What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

Which skateboard trucks are better Thunders or Independents Tell why pros cons of both and overall feel of truck?

Thunders skateboard trucks feel like a planking balancing on a point thus making it better than the Independents skateboard trucks.