Are amok skateboards fake

Updated: 10/23/2022
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yes they are fake because they are not professional a fake skateboard is just one that is not a professional

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Q: Are amok skateboards fake
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Is united skates skateboards fake?

no united skates isn't fake because if they was there skateboards would be cheap my skateboard was £40 not the best make but there trucks are soo awesome

Fake skateboards for less than 20?

Most of them from walmart and stuff

Does target sell fake skateboards?

Probably not. The lawsuits would put them out of business.

Is there such thing of fake skateboards?

No there is not such thing as fake skateboard but if the skate is cheap I won't be high quality and it would break easily a good skate shop to get a good skate is zumiez

Does target sell mongoose skateboard?

Well, my target doesn't have legit and real skateboards, depending where your at, mine only have fake skateboards, not real names, or icons. Im guessing 3/4 no, but possibly. If your looking for real skateboards try Zumiez, or try Models Sporting Goods, or even Dick's Sporting Goods.

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Are pro skateboards good to buy?

yes because the wood is stronger than fake boards and some are lighter too. also pro models ,depending on what kind you get ,will last you longer than a fake skateboard would.

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