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One player who when young did dance was Shane Williams of Ospreys and Wales Rugby Union - He now is nicknamed twinkle toes by his team mates

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Q: What famous rugby or football players do ballet for strength and balance?
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Do football players have to learn ballet?

They don't have to... But are encouraged Ballet helps maintain Balance, Strength and Flexibility as well as requires you to think fast as you do your movements and make sure your in absolutly perfect position. Most NFL players belong to some sort of ballet company as well.(:

Does Tony Romo take ballet?

Yes Almost all the football players take ballet to fun balance and steadiness

How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

Are ballet dancers stronger than football players?

yes of course, because ballet dancers have more stamina, more flexibility, and more balance. so heck yes

Do professional football players take ballet?

Football players do ballet for structure and posture. They practice gracefullness before they stary professional leagues.

What is harder football or ballet?

It depends on what you are good at. If you have exceptional balance, and are a light person, football will be harder. If you are a heavier, strong, person who does not have good balance, you will find ballet is harder.

What is the company whose name is taken from The idea came from a TV report about football players taking ballet lessons to improve balance and coordination?


Do saints football players do yoga and or ballet or both?


What percentage of football players take ballet?


Is it true that professional football players are required to take ballet?

I don't think that it is required but i believe many football players do ballet because it is a good way to become more flexible. Being flexible can help out with their football.

Did 'Bear Bryant' make his football players take ballet?

Yes, he hired a ballet teacher from Montgomery.

Do football players take ballet?

Yes, they do! It it good for them and keeps them in shape for football and a lot of NFL players belong to Ballet companies during the off season! It also keeps them balanced and helps their flexibility.