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Every Ballet store should seel ballet shoes. If not, go to any shoe or dance store.

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Q: What ballet store sell ballet shoes?
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Where can you buy split sole ballet shoes?

Any dance store should have them. But do not go to a grocery store to get ballet shoes, they are not the same. Any normal shoe store is a no-no also, if you want real ballet shoes you need to go to a dance store. YOu can also order them offline, I like to use, but you have to order them so you cant try them on for that.

Where to get ballet shoes with flat tips?

these are called pointe shoes and you should get them when your teacher says that you are can get them at any dance store that sells ballet shoes, and i would recommend using Suffolk or Blochs.

What shoes do you wear to ballet?

If you do tap, tap shoes. If you do ballet, ballet flats.

How do you darn ballet shoes?

ballet shoes are leather it is imposible to darn them ~or~ you pick up your ballet shoes and say,"Darn you, ballet shoes!" seriously, if you've worn a hole in your shoes, GET NEW ONES

What is a famous ballet shoes?

pointe shoes? or ballet flats?

What shoes do you need for ballet?

Soft, leather ballet shoes

How do you say ballet shoes in Spanish?

Zapatos de ballet is the Spanish term for ballet shoes.

What other store sell element work shoes like shoecrew?

what other shoe store sell Element work shoes beside shoecrew.

Do they still make ballet point shoes covers?

Yes they do. If you go to a dance shop, you can buy a bag of two, one for each shoe. Some ballet shoes already have an end to them though. But you can buy them in a dance shop where they do not sell their shoes like this

What do you wear when you perform ballet?

Generally it is pink ballet tights with ballet shoes or pointe shoes, then a leotard/ballet dress or tutu.

What type of shoes starts with the letter b?

ballet shoes ballet pumps ballet slippers baseball shoes basketball shoes baseball sneakers basketball sneakers

What is sold at a dance store?

A dance store sells various things that are related to dancing like ballet shoes, dance costumes and dance belts. One could also go to a local dance store and ask what kind of dance related products they sell.