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if you have a high instep you are better off with a harder shoe unless you want to break your ankle. you will break a soft/flexible shoe in no time.

bottom line: go with a harder shoe. you can basically get any shoe with a harder shank. try freeds or Russian pointes

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Q: The perfect pointe shoes for someone who has a high instep but needs a very flexible shoe?
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Which pointe shoes would be best for someone with a high instep and when they also need a really soft shoe?

try freed classic forte flex (dont forget that part) or bloch axioms.

Who was the first person to dance on pointe?

Most people believe the first person to dance on pointe was Marie Taglioli, but there is a little evidence that someone could have danced on pointe before her.

What is the goal of ballet?

To be able to get en pointe, be as flexible as you can become, and to express your self freely by your moves and steps that flow with the music.

How come it hurts to do pointe?

Everyone cannot do the pointe. It requires a specific body type and it hurts probably because you are not doing it properly. It will take at least a year of training to do the perfect pointe and initially it hurts a bit. Soon, if you complete the training, it won't hurt anymore.

What is a demi-pointe?

Demi Pointe is a releve in flat shoes (Not Pointe Shoes). A releve is when you lift your heels and all that you are standing on is the balls of your feet and the bottoms of your toes. Hope that helps! :]

How do you get to be a famous dancer?

You need to be very flexible, strong on flat and pointe, and have determination, not to mention you need the body that the hire people r looking for

When is it safe for a girl to dance in pointe ballet shoes?

You should only dance on pointe when you have an experienced dance instructor conform that you are ready. My dance instructor knows someone who went on pointe too early and was consequently not able to have children.

How flexible do you have to be to start en point?

It is good to be very flexible before starting en pointe, but starting has to do mostly with strength, mostly in the ankles. Keep working on flexibility, especially in your ankles and legs, to help you with dance in the future.

Where can someone buy elastics for pointe shoes?

u can usually buy them where u got ur pointe shoes, from a dance magazine,or online i no capezio the brand sells them

How do dancers prepare for Pointe?

they have to train for many many years. have perfect balance, good turn out, and high pushed arches.

Do you have to do the splits to have point shoes?

No, it is preffered to be flexible on pointe but it is not necessary. To be on point you must have a solid base for technique and strong enough legs/back to support yourself.

What is ballet called when it's not en pointe?

"En pointe" refers to dancing in pointe shoes. Non-pointe ballet shoes are demi-pointe shoes, and the dancing is "en demi-pointe".