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Not at all! 12 is a recommended age for beginner Ballet. Your bones have set and memory skills and learning abilities are improved.

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Q: Is a 12 year old to old for beginner ballet?
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It depens on what you like most

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Is there any ballet boarding school for 12 years old girl who is so in love with ballet?

ABA American Ballet Academy

Is grade 4 IDTA ballet good for a 12 year old?

It's not really about your age, it's about how good you are at ballet, your age doesn't really matter. It is quite challenging but it depends on how well you do at ballet and if you have been through the other grades.

Could a 12-year-old audition for the Royal Ballet School if they live in New Zealand?

Yes, absolutely. Contact the Royal Ballet School directly and find out when auditions are held for overseas students.

Is it 2 old 2 start ballet at 11?

Hi There, It is absolutley not too old to start ballet at 11. I started ballet in 2001 when i was 12 and now I am in the New Zealand school of dance. Good Luck =)

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Twelve is a good age to start ballet.

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at 12 years old or when your feet have stopped growing

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