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In England, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and many more

Europe, Austria, most of South America, and China

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Q: In what countries is soccer the main sport?
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What sports do Ethiopia have?

Their main sport is soccer, as in most African countries. that's right

Why is soccer not the main sport in other country?

Soccer is the most popular sport in most countries. A few countries prefer other forms of football (such as NFL, rugby, or Australian rules), hockey, baseball, and so on.

What are some main sports in Ecuador?

People in Ecuador probably play two of the most popular sports in the Americas. Soccer and baseball. Even though soccer is not the dominant sport in the USA, it is a world sport; with countries all over the world playing in the FIFA World Cup (including Ecuador).

What is the main sport in California?

The main sport in the United States is soccer.

Is soccer the most popular sport or football?

Soccer is the most popular sport. In many countries, soccer is a highly recognized sport. In Spanish countries, the call it football, but it is pronounced fOOte bOWl.

What countries is soccer the number 1 sport?

I think in England soccer is the most popular sport

What is the main sport in austria?

Soccer is the main sport. another popular sport is skiing

What is Sudan's main sport?

Soccer is the main sport followed and played in Sudan

What is the main sport played in Vietnam?

The main sport played in Vietnam is soccer.

What is the main sport of Lao?


What is the main sport of italy?